人物姓名 Ichikawa Takijirō
人物姓名別号 Ichikawa Takijirou
性別 [男性] Male
文化身份 Japanese
居住国家 Japan
出生日期 [ 1971 - 1971] October 1971 - October 1971
死亡日期 [Unknown] Unknown
活跃日期 [Unknown] Unknown
流派分类 Kabuki
附注 Character types: male leads (tachiyaku). Group affiliations: Takinoya. He became a disciple of Ichikawa Monnosuke VII in June, 1972. He first appeared on stage referring himself as Ichikawa Takijrō at Kabukiza Theater in October of the same year. He received a Kokutitsu Gekijō special award in March, 1982.

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