人物姓名 Manners, Lady Diana
人物姓名別号 Cooper, Diana, Lady, 1892- (Authority name) ,
Cooper, Diana Manners, Viscountess Norwich ([全名] Full name) ,
Norwich, Diana Manners Cooper ([全名] Full name) ,
Cooper, Diana Olivia Winifred Maud Manners, Lady ([全名] Full name)
性別 [女性] Female
文化身份 English
居住国家 United Kingdom
出生日期 [1892] 1892
死亡日期 [Unknown] Unknown
流派分类 Pantomime, Drama
相关地理区域 London (England), New York (N.Y.), Salzburg (Austria)
相关的文化,学术及艺术机关 Salzburg Festival
附注 Married to diplomat Duff Cooper

Associated Items

相关演出 dup 1924, New York (N.Y.), Miracle, The [1001217] ,
Reinhardt, Salzburg Festival, 1925
Representations of person in components 1003855, 1003863