作品名称 Kagekiyo
作品创作日期 [日本室町时代] Muromachi
作品的相关表演艺术 [能] Noh
作品的相关形体动作 currently performed noh
创作语言 [日语,日文] Japanese
构造分类 One act
作品曾发表于 Certain Noble Plays of Japan,
'NOH' Or Accomplishment: A Study of the Classical Stage of Japan,
La Lande des mortifications: Vingt-cinq pièces de nō,
Troubled Souls from Japanese Noh Plays of the Fourth Group,
Le Livre des Nô: drames légendaires du vieux Japon,
Plays of Old Japan: The Nô,
Japanese Noh Drama Volume II,
The Classic Noh Theatre of Japan,
The Nô Plays of Japan

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相关演出 Not Specified ,
shoomon no kaisetsu [variation]
Performances of the piece 1000314, 1000313, 1006864
Components associated with piece 1004744, 1004817, 1000314, 1006920, 1006922, 1006921