作品名称 Ohara gokō
作品的其他名称 Oharagokou ([字译] Transliteration) ,
Ohara gokoo* ([字译] Transliteration) ,
Ohara gokô* ([字译] Transliteration) ,
Ohara goko ([字译] Transliteration) ,
Ohara gokō(Kita School) ([字译] Transliteration)
作品创作日期 [日本室町时代] Muromachi
作品的相关表演艺术 [能] Noh
作品的相关形体动作 currently performed noh
创作语言 [日语,日文] Japanese
构造分类 Two acts
附注 *Alternative Roumaji (Roman characters) spelling. Improper but frequently or possibly used spelling or reading of the Kanji (Chinese characters), or an unorthodox name.
作品曾发表于 Twenty Plays of the Nô Theatre,
The Noh Volume III: Woman Noh. Book 3,
Cinq Nô,
Le Nô,
Le Livre des Nô: drames légendaires du vieux Japon,
An Outline History of Japanese Drama,
Teatro giapponese. Sette Nô

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相关演出 Not Specified ,
tome? [variation]
Performances of the piece 1000835, 1001878
Components associated with piece 1004741, 1005076, 1004817