演出名称 1935Mar05, Adelphi Theatre, American Ballet, Dreams
表演艺术类别 Ballet
开始日期 [ 5, 1935] March 5, 1935
结束日期 [ 6, 1935] March 6, 1935
演出类别 Multi-performance program
演出地点 Adelphi Theatre (New York)
演出桥段 Dreams, Alma Mater, Transcendence
呈现表演的艺术团体 American Ballet
演出人物 Balanchine, George (Choreographer) Antheil, George (Composer) Liszt, Franz (Composer)
演出所呈现的表演艺术类别 Dancing
附注 This production comprised two nights of a longer run of the American Ballet during their New York premiere. SFPALM

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