演出名称 1907Dec28, Moore Theatre, Alaskan, The
开始日期 [ 28, 1907] December 28, 1907
结束日期 [ 4, 1908] January 4, 1908
演出地点 Moore Theatre
演出桥段 Alaskan, The
演出人物 Goodner, Marie (Actor) Fables, William (Actor) Brown, Agnes Cain (Actor) Adair, Anne (Actor) Leicester, Amy (Actor) Webb, Teddy (Actor) Martindell, Edward B. (Actor) Vizard, Harold (Actor) Cort, John (Producer) Girard, Harry (Composer) Blethen, Joseph (Playwright) Figman, Max (Playwright)
附注 ced100 Harry Girard was both composer for the musical and an actor in the production.

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