演出名称 1863Feb10, Grace Episcopal Church, Barnum's American Museum sideshow performers, Fairy Wedding, The
表演艺术类别 Sideshow
开始日期 [ 10, 1863] February 10, 1863
结束日期 [ 10, 1863] February 10, 1863
演出类别 [单场演出] Single event
演出地点 Grace Episcopal Church (New York)
演出桥段 Fairy Wedding, The
呈现表演的艺术团体 Barnum's American Museum sideshow performers
参考 P. T. Barnum; America’s Greatest Showman, an Illustrated Biography.
演出人物 Barnum, P. T. (Impresario) Thumb, General Tom Bump, Lavinia Warren Bump, Minnie Warren Nutt, Commodore
附注 The elegant wedding of celebrated midgets General Tom Thumb and Lavinia Warren Bump was attended by New York high society. A huge crowd gathered outside the church. The midgets worked for P.T. Barnum, who helped arrange the wedding. Other Barnum midget performers (Commodore Nutt, and Minnie Warren Bump, Lavinia's sister) took the roles of best man and maid of honor. SFPALM

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