演出名称 1911Oct13, Berlin (Germany), Reinhardt ensemble, Oresteia, The
表演艺术类别 Greek tragedy revival
开始日期 [ 13, 1911] October 13, 1911
结束日期 [ 24, 1911] November 24, 1911
演出类别 Repertory theater run
演出地点 Berlin (Germany)
演出桥段 Oresteia, The
呈现表演的艺术团体 Reinhardt ensemble
参考 Welttheater Reinhardt (Items 560 and 570)
演出人物 Reinhardt, Max (Director) Roller, Alfred (Set designer)
附注 Produced inn 1911 both at Musikfesthalle in Munich and at Kirkus Schumann in Berlin

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Components associated with production 615, 614