演出名称 1912Apr15, England, Chocolate Soldier, The
开始日期 [ 15, 1912] April 15, 1912
结束日期 [ 20, 1912] April 20, 1912
演出类别 Repertory theater run
演出地点 England
演出桥段 Chocolate Soldier, The
演出人物 Walenn, Charles R. (Actor) Clarke, May (Actor) Tomlinson, May (Actor) Williams, Stanley (Actor) Etheridge, M. (Actor) Stone, Marcus (Actor) Coleman, Phyllis (Actor) Gordon, Gladys (Actor) Moreton, F. (Actor) Barnes, Cecil (Actor) Vernham, Evelyn (Actor) McKeown, Edward (Actor) Reynolds, Arthur (Actor) Ismay, Margaret (Actor) Faraday, Philip Michael (Artistic director) Stange, Stanislaus (Producer)

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