演出名称 1907Nov25, Savoy Theatre (London, England), Savoy Theatre (London, England), Caesar and Cleopatra
开始日期 [ 25, 1907] November 25, 1907
结束日期 [1907] 1907
演出地点 Savoy Theatre (London, England)
演出桥段 Caesar and Cleopatra
呈现表演的艺术团体 Savoy Theatre (London, England)
演出人物 Elliot, Gertrude (Actor) Robertson, Forbes (Actor) Robertson, Ian (Actor) Pilling, William (Actor) Cookson, S. A. (Actor) Tyrer, A.W. (Actor) Bickley, Frank (Actor) Vaughan, C.B. (Actor) Watson, Elizabeth (Actor) Langley, Charles (Actor) Pearce, Sam T. (Actor) Tonge, Philip (Actor) Troughton, John M. (Actor) Rhodes, Percy (Actor) Ringham, Walter (Actor) Ridley, Frank (Actor) Paget, Dorothy (Actor) Harker, Dora (Actor) Wheatman, A. (Actor) Willoughby, Lewis (Actor) Fletcher, Percy E. (Musical director) Platt, E. Taylor (Agent) Frost, Shad (Agent) Franks, Wilfrid (House/Theater manager)

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