演出名称 1919, Duke of York's Theatre, Arms and the Man
演出地点 Duke of York's Theatre
演出桥段 Arms and the Man
演出人物 Rumbold, Hugo (Designer) Bailey, Gordon (Actor) Morland, M.R. (Actor) Lawrence, Gerald (Actor) Campbell, Patrick, Mrs. (Actor) Whitby, Arthur (Actor) Sitgreaves, Beverly (Actor) Holmes-Gore, Dorothy (Actor) Loraine, Robert (Producer)
附注 Robert Loraine played Captain Bluntschli; Beverly Sitgreaves played Catherine Petkoff; Dorothy Holmes-Gore played Louka; M.R. Moreland played Major Paul Petkoff; Gerald Lawrence played Major Sergius Saranoff; Arthur Whitby played Nicola; Gordon Bailey played Osman; Mrs. Patrick Campbell played Raina Petkoff

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