演出名称 1909, His Majesty's Theatre, Admirable Bashville, The
演出地点 His Majesty's Theatre
演出桥段 Admirable Bashville, The
演出人物 Shaw, Bernard (Producer) Ainley, Henry (Actor) Herne, James (Actor) Lohr, Marie (Actor) Pawle, Lennox (Actor) Quartermaine, Charles (Actor) Foote, Courtney (Actor) Hobbs, Halliwell (Actor) Filippi, Rosina (Actor) Sass, Edward (Actor)
附注 Halliwell Hobbs played A Policeman; Henry Ainley played Bashville; Rosina Filippi played Lady Britomart Undershaft; Courtney Foote played Lord Worthington; Charles Quartermaine played Lucian; Marie Lohr played Lydia; Lennox Pawle played Mellish; James Herne played Mellish; Edward Sass played Paradise

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