演出名称 1899Mar15, Theatre Royal (Newcastle upon Tyne, England), Mrs. Patrick Campbell's Company, Caesar and Cleopatra
演出别名 Theatre Royal, Newcastle, 1899 (migrated production name)
开始日期 [Unknown] Unknown
结束日期 [Unknown] Unknown
演出地点 Theatre Royal (Newcastle upon Tyne, England)
演出桥段 Caesar and Cleopatra
呈现表演的艺术团体 Mrs. Patrick Campbell's Company
演出人物 Campbell, Patrick, Mrs. (Actor) Granville-Barker, Harley (Actor) Robertson, Ian (Actor) Gould, Nutcombe (Actor) Curtney Thorpe (Actor) Davenport, Bromley (Actor) Thomas, Berte (Actor) Wilson, A. (Actor) Walford, Edward (Actor) Latty, E. (Actor) Gomer, William (Actor) Farquharson, Robert (Actor) Gran, Albert (Actor) Glover, Harry (Actor) Burchill, Mr. (Actor) Cave, Frank (Actor) Bertram, E. (Actor) Green, Harry (Actor) Adams, William (Actor) Reed, Percy (Actor) Rankin, E. (Actor) O'Brien, Con (Actor) Davies, W. (Actor) Mayo, E. (Actor) Cotton, W. (Actor) Ivor, Frances (Actor) Hammond, Dorothy (Actor) Yeoland, Edith (Actor)
附注 This play was produced by Mrs. Patrick Campbell's Company and was considered the copyright performance.

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