演出名称 1900, Her Majesty's Theatre (London, England), Herod
演出别名 Beerbohm Tree, 1900 (migrated production name)
演出地点 Her Majesty's Theatre (London, England)
演出桥段 Herod
演出人物 Calhoun, Eleanor (Actor) White, J. Fisher (Actor) Stevens, Percival (Actor) Tharp, Norman (Actor) Somerset, C. W. (Actor) Cookson, S. A. (Actor) Fulton, Charles (Actor) Fielding, Edward (Actor) Collings, C. F. (Actor) Varna, H. W. (Actor) L'Estrange, Mr. (Actor) Morton, Cavendish (Actor) Jeffries, Maud (Actor) Bateman, Miss (Actor) Jacobi, Rosalie (Actor) Moubrey, Lillian (Actor) Dillon, Frances (Actor) Tree, Beerbohm (Actor)
演出的重要元素 Mr. Percy Anderson
附注 Scene: Herod's Palace, ca. 30 B.C. Edward Fielding played A Captain; Mr. L'Estrange played A Cupbearer; Charles Fulton played A Physician; S.A. Cookson played A Priest; Norman Tharp played Aristobulos and High Priest; Rosalie Jacobi played Bathsheba, Maid to Mariamne; H.W. Varna played Chief Artificer; Miss Bateman played Cypros, Mother of Herod; C.F. Collings played Envoy from Rome; C.W. Somerset played Gadias, Chief Councillor; Lillian Moubrey played Hagar, an Old Woman; Beerbohm Tree played Herod, King of the Jews; Frances Dillon played Judith, a Lady of the Court; Maud Jeffries played Mariamne, Queen and Wife to Herod; Eleanor Calhoun played Salome, Sister of Herod; J. Fisher White played Syllaeus, a Blind Man; Cavendish Morton played The King's Servant; Percival Stevens played Tim Haffigan

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