演出名称 1911Mar15, Berlin (Germany), Reinhardt ensemble, Faust
演出别名 Faust [Der Tragoedie Zweiter Teil] (migrated production name)
表演艺术类别 Drama
演出类别 Repertory theater run
演出地点 Berlin (Germany)
演出桥段 [浮士德] Faust
呈现表演的艺术团体 Reinhardt ensemble
演出人物 Kayssler, Friedrich (Actor) Reinhardt, Max (Director) Roller, Alfred (Set designer) Kuenneke Eduard (Musical director) Heims, Else (Actor) Bassermann, Albert (Actor) Stern, Ernst (Costume designer)
附注 Rarely staged 2nd part of Goethe's Faust story. Kayssler as Faust. Bassermann as Mephisto. Else Heims as Helena

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