演出名称 1926Aug20, Salzburg Festival, Reinhardt ensemble, Servant of Two Masters, A
演出别名 Servant of Two Masters (migrated production name)
表演艺术类别 Commedia dell'Arte
演出类别 [长期公演] Long-run
演出地点 Salzburg Festival
演出桥段 Servant of Two Masters, A
呈现表演的艺术团体 Reinhardt ensemble
参考 Welttheater Reinhardt (Item 1704)
演出人物 Paumgartner, Bernhard (Conductor) Thimig, Helene (Actor) Thimig, Hermann (Actor) Servaes, Dagny (Actor) Thimig, Hugo (Actor) Reinhardt, Max (Director)
演出的重要元素 Re-adaptation of 18th century commedia dell' stage
演出所呈现的表演艺术类别 Acting
附注 Music adapted from Mozart and traditional tunes to texts by Kurz-Bernardon

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